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Is there a plausible mechanism linking the alleged cause and outcome?

If it's a bartender, I will get them clean glasses or buckets of ice for their bar. I can't see ever bartering with or charging for sex. Okay, maybe I am the only freakish woman on the planet who never uses sex or my sexuality as a tool.

The cooks like sodas and if there's a wedding cake at the party, I'll make sure that they get a piece of it. I do not deny my husband or offer him any more if he does something.

Throughout history, humans have used their bodies to get what they want -- from ancient Egyptian ruler Cleopatra, who cemented her power through liaisons with Roman rulers Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, to the man and woman who were arrested at a Fort Wright, Kentucky, motel in late June for allegedly swapping sex for gasoline.

Regardless of our motivation, scientists say we're hardwired to use our bodies as a bargaining chip.