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I just overrode new View and bind View (Code below).

What I'm doing is I add a row to my table, create a new cursor that queries the table (with the new row), change the cursor in the adapter and then notify the data change.

Using this tutorial (on I got the app to create a database and I'm able to create new entries, however, I don't know, how to read the database to get the stored data in a List View.

I know there are many similar questions on this website but it seems none of them apply to the way, the database from the tutorial works. Calendar; import maturarbeit.nicola_pfister.studenttools.database.

The consuming code must define an SQL query in a object and then describe how to create and populate the views for each row.

Result: Any PK or Candidate key, along with any other tags that were not generated prior to the "Uniqueness of index violation" error, will be missing from the table. Perhaps even copy the table files off for safe keeping before performing the PACK or REINDEX.

If you have a few corrupt records where the PK or Candidate key fields evaluate as duplicates across records, the PACK or REINDEX process will err out during the PK or Candidate key generation. Delete or attempt to recover any corrupt records that would cause a PK or candidate key reindex to fail.

To demonstrate cursor adapters requires a simple SQLite database implementation.

The code in Simple Cursor Table Adapter/Vegetable contains the code and SQL to create a table and populate it with some data. The column list that is returned from the cursor defines the data columns that are available for display in the cursor adapter.