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After witnessing the lieutenant’s devastation upon learning that incarcerated baddie Ray Speltzer had been set free, Dex took matters into his own hands and — following quite the fight — offed the killer.RELATED | Normally, that would have been retribution enough, but not this time.She is a policewoman, newly transferred out of vice when the show begins, who tends to use fouler language and is often underestimated and considered less smart.Dexter, comparatively, is a forensic scientist, so there's a discrepancy there.“And the latest album released by The Avett Brothers is called The Carpenter. Not even his fans,” one former fan wrote on a group chat about the band.It’s not a coincidence.” Jennifer has even tweeted in support of her boyfriend with messages like: “The affair was really hard on Susan, and even the band,” the source told Radar. Another wrote, “Seth Avett is a pig for cheating on his wife and Jennifer Carpenter is a very ugly woman.” Radar was unable to reach Seth Avett for comment and calls to Jennifer Carpenter went unreturned.Yes, Dexter is officially experiencing a veteran show's often-inevitable pitfall—the sometimes painfully contrived in-dating among cast regulars. Maybe the problem develops two seasons in, maybe four.

Hall and has been quietly dating the married folk-rock singer Seth Avett, Radar has exclusively learned. “Shortly after Jennifer’s split with Michael, she began seeing Seth.

Imagine how awkward it is for fans when two actors whom they are used to seeing as on-screen siblings start dating off-screen.

Over the years there have been quite a few instances where on-screen siblings went on to date each other.

“It was former band member Jacob Edwards and his wife that really put Seth on the spot for cheating.

They didn’t agree with it whatsoever and were uncomfortable with the situation.” Fans of the band are just as upset with Seth for his indiscretions with the star.