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But I was suddenly acutely aware of the sexual possibility in the head of the stranger sitting in front of me.

Jenny, 29, left her Uber ride without the complimentary “cool-down” – but this “sexual possibility” is something that you just didn’t get when the black cab reigned supreme.

Dr Julia Carter, senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University – where she researches relationship trends – believes there’s definitely something of the porn fantasy about Uber sex.“Look at these stories online – from the (stereotypically pornographic) sharing of stories of sexual conquest to confessions of sexual submission, this ‘new’ phenomenon is remarkably similar to age-old tropes of male/female sexual fantasy.”But with one difference: women are now initiating encounters, too.

“The Union County Sheriff’s Office recently received information that a Union County teacher was sexually involved with a student in 2013.

They got together for a secret first date at the Lights on the Lake followed by a first kiss.

The instant messaging got more and more sexually explicit.

Halfway between my house and where I’d been picked up, the Uber driver saw me fanning my face and joked, "If you’re hot, I can take you somewhere and cool you down?

" I laughed it off, and he didn’t mention it again.