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Hyndman, raised in Newfoundland, was found dead in an alleyway near the couple’s condo in Toronto’s east end.

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Jessi’s father has English, Scottish, and German roots. Alice was the daughter of Enos Stonehouse, whose father was from North Yorkshire, England, and of Anna Raymer.

Soon after, Jessi was discovered in MTV’s nation-wide search, landing her a position that allowed her to interview the likes of Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, the cast of Twilight, Chris Brown, Will Ferrell, Drake, Rhianna and Bill Gates, to name a few.

Often pushing the boundaries, Jessi’s daring and hilarious interviews with Taylor Lautner, Adam Lambert, Heidi and Spencer, and her “date” with Bradley Cooper quickly became online sensations, garnering over a million views worldwide.

Along with three co-hosts, Sabados was back in his domain, talking home and design for his devoted followers.

After his introduction, what was already an emotional day hit home when he saw some audience members holding up three pieces of paper. “It was amazing to see the audience standing up and cheering,” he said Friday, wrapping up his first full week of tapings. “You get emotional from it because that’s a lot of positive energy coming your way.” For Niagara Falls-born Sabados, it was his first time in front of the cameras since the death of his longtime husband and co-host Chris Hyndman in August, 2015.