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The blasts occurred near Kampung Melayu terminal, a station serving minivans and buses, in a working class district of eastern Jakarta not popular among tourists or foreigners.East Jakarta Police Chief Andry Wibowo said the damage in the area was “pretty big.” It is not clear who was responsible for the attacks.Two suspected suicide bombings rocked a bus terminal in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, Wednesday, killing at least three police officers.Five other officers and five civilians were wounded in the attacks.Not doing so means a curse is placed on them and awful things happen to their families. Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik makes Malaysia the second largest obese nation after the USA.Red Tape Culture (RTC) is compulsory in Malaysia due to Malays' (mostly) lack of competency in economic matters and also to 'protect them'.

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They will label you an 'extremist' or tell you to 'Get out of this country' if you disagree.

Most of the companies they run cannot survive in a free market/globalised economy (see: Proton Cars) and if you read the news, they are the ones who are constantly opposed to Free Trade Agreements (FTA) because they know with their level of incompetence, they will surely go out of business if FTAs are signed.

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