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Close the Page Builder pop-up box to exit the Page Builder program. Click "Refresh File Manager" to update the main page.Continue updating other web pages or log out of the site by clicking "Sign Out" on the top of the page.Provider update complete for Morningstar Static ---------------- Updating Provider Morningstar Fundamental Data ... ZMH 83 fundamental items updated Provider update complete for Morningstar Fundamental Data ---------------- Update completed (1 min 34.6 sec) ----------------You've updated the [u]fundamental[/u] data by checking "Morningstar Fundamental data" among "Fundamental data providers".The checkbox for [u]static[/u] data is above, among "Historical data providers", and is called "Morningstar Static". This was the outcome: Updating Provider Morningstar Static ...The new Yahoo Mail View contains many features and settings.There’s a number of ways to access Yahoo Mail that Down Today readers mention, and these include a free email app on most platforms, an online sign in, and other methods that all run into problems occasionally. offers free and subscription web pages for individuals and small businesses through its Geo Cities site. ID and password by clicking "Sign In" on the Geo Cities homepage. Pop-ups need to be enabled on your browser for Page Builder to load. A dialog box will open with a list of your web pages.No matter your website's purpose, it's always important to regularly update it. web pages using the website building tools that come with your account; through Page Builder, which lets you work directly on the web page, or through the File Manager, which allows you to make changes through the HTML version of your web page. An instruction box will appear explaining how to allow pop-ups from this site if you haven't already enabled this feature. You can minimize this box, but make sure to keep this box open as you work on your site, or Page Builder will shut down. Click on the page you wish to update, and click "OK".

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Since this happens several times a year, I'll try to update this topic each time it occurs. There are still 6 hours before the next session opens, but data for March 20 is still not available from Y! Here's a fragment of the latest data update log of Morningstar symbols: Updating Provider Morningstar Static ...

So I browsed more sites such as technology forums and blogs just to find out the solution and the result?

I end up getting tired up and being frustrated after searching for a while.

It is worth mentioning that some websites did gave me hints on the possible solutions to this.

After gathering all the information, I ended up experimenting.