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American Digest: And I like this from "The Blog That Nobody Reads", because it is -- mostly -- about me. Pajamas Media: Over at The House of Eratosthenes ("The blog nobody reads"), Morgan Freeberg is taking a candid look at one of America's most indulgent habits.

Mein Blogovault: Make "the Blog that No One Reads" one of your daily reads.

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Yet when I go abroad, hearing these two questions constantly reminds me that I’m different; and that all people can see is my Asian face.

What a great way to unwind after a long work week..kick off a night on the town!

#Dating While Black, chronicles the miss-adventures of Sexual Anthropologist, Johnny Mack, as he navigates the world of dating, mating and, relationships in the LGBT community.

I smile that classic wide American smile, I say “awesome” way too much, I measure in feet; I consider myself 100% American — and in my head, that label doesn’t come with any associations of color.

Cabbies or waitresses or shop owners will start a conversation, and I can see each step of their thought process as they realize something’s not right about me.