Symantec proactive threat protection not updating

All VMs are x64 and the ethernet adapters are VMXNET 3, VMWare tools are installed and updated to the latest versions.Virtualization Host CPU usage is 20% and Memory Usage is 40% during the test. The only article I found on the subject was 2 is part of Norton 2010 and Norton 360 v.4 antivirus software.According to the company, this version leverages data from more sources, including reputation data about a program.

SONAR was first offered as an add-on for Norton Anti Virus 2007 and Norton Internet Security 2007; subsequent annual editions of the Norton line have had SONAR, as well.

In short, their Endpoint product released an update that was incompatible with other software trying to access the XP file system (including Symantec’s own PGP).

There now should be low to no risk of a problem because the cause was isolated and removed from the update flow. This incident may prompt some users to consider other vendors, yet Symantec is not the first anti-virus company to release an update that causes a major outage.

Both of those factors would indicate the program is not malware.

Symantec already had a behavior analysis security tool for enterprises, known as Critical System Protection.