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A great alternative to the dance tracks often seen on a Danity Kane album, “Poetry” is a heartfelt song that touches on a vulnerability that can be heard by each of the group’s members.The coordinating video is a simple rendition of the song without all the glitz, so audiences can focus on the group’s lyrical ability.

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She was also featured in the film Stomp the Yard that same year.

Winning a spot in the pop/R&B young girl group Danity Kane , D.

Woods went ahead to accomplish chart-topping and guaranteed Platinum status, and Guinness Book of World records with Danity Kane's 2 back to back #1 collection debuts on the Billboard charts. Woods also showed up in 2007 film "Step the Yard" and has been part of a few releases in recent years. Woods prepared widely in voice, acting, and all classifications of dance including hip-hop, ballet, modern, and West African and performed in off-Broadway stage and theater creations, ads, and on a visit as a dancer with real recording artists.

MTV News gauged fan reactions to the dismissals of Woods and O'Day.

Fans left impassioned, long and detailed comments on the MTV News site about their discontent at the group's breakup.