Who is alaine laughton dating

At the session, she will play her classics as well as her new album, Tens of Hearts.

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For me, having someone share your future with is wonderful, but being single and successful and happy can be just as fulfilling as well. Alaine: Jordan from Chimney Records gave me the riddim and when I heard it I immediately started singing, “You’re my favourite boy, you bring so much joy to my world…” And it happens like that all the time. It’s a song about how when love comes it can be so incredible. The first time I went to Kenya it was the biggest shock; about 10,000 people came to the show and they sang every word, every lyric. I went back to my hotel room and I bawled and I bawled. The girls are here to win and hopefully when one of them does win they’ll go on and have a vibrant career. We’re friends and we really want the new talents to shine. Alaine: We did 16 shows, several countries across Europe.

I hear something, and the lyrics and melodies starts to flow. I went to Uganda for a concert about two years ago and there were 40,000 there; and 30,000 when I went to Tanzania. And when I have those kinds of experiences it’s a just a jump-up-on-the-bed-and-bawl kinda feeling. As successful people in the industry we had someone give us a chance, open doors when we were starting out, and I think it’s so important to pay it forward and encourage the youngsters who are the future generation.

Alaine later met with Craig "Serani" Marsh of DASECA, and started working with him.

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Alaine: I have to give thanks that I’ve been able to continue pursing my passion for music for so long and still enjoy doing it.I know the problem is that I did not show my new wife’s face. About where we’d live as a couple, we would shuttle between Kenya and Jamaica.”However, a well-placed source exclusively told EDAILY that both decorated artistes worked on a contemporary jam that is slated for release sometime next week.EDAILY can authoritatively reveal that the video shoot of the two’s song took place at The Hub in Karen.At 36, the chameleonic singer and fashion-loving jet-setter not only has a terrific third album (Ten of Hearts) on the market, she’s on one of the hottest shows on local TV (Digicel Rising Stars) and has a growing international fanbase, which constantly remind us that her music is reaching the world and touching lives. And did I mention that she’s just coming off a successful European tour? As she gets to film the video for her latest single, “Don’t Walk Away,” in Los Angeles next week and pen hits for herself and industry colleagues, it’s worth remembering that for the most successful acts of our day – reggae’s finest among them – the work never stops. So I can write and singe about it from an honest place.