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Unemployment Assistance Cleanup Safety Precautions Injuries on the Job While Rebuilding Discrimination Protection Additional Resources If you are part of cleanup efforts in disaster areas, make sure you are taking the proper safety precautions.The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has provided the following fact sheets that will help you stay safe during the cleanup and restoration process.The greater the diversity of our employees, the greater our ability to serve our customers.

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Construction crews should be covered by workers' compensation insurance coverage.To learn more about temporary assistance and to see if you qualify, visit the Family Support Division.Missouri employers must report new hire information and when employees under wage assignment are no longer employed.When natural disasters like floods, droughts, tornadoes, severe storms, and earthquakes strike; the damage can be overwhelming.The Department of Labor can assist in many different ways with unemployment assistance, guidance on building laws surrounding community restoration and injuries that result from reconstruction, and helping victims who may experience discrimination while relocating to a safer area.